Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what? ... leave the barn?

I didn't know that doing the thing the people call "Sit" and taking treats out of their hands and being next to dogs without playing humpty dump was so important. I thought it was what I was supposed to do to make everyone like me. So I worked on it real hard.

I even learned how to hold my pee until we go outside since it seemed to make Nice Lady so happy when I did that. It was work, but I concentrated real hard on that and she showed me a special bush that I think about and squeeze while I wait for her to take me outside.

But now that I can do all these things, they want me to leave ... Ugh! They said that I'm ready to live in a house and be a "real dog" and learn what real dogs learn in the houses. I don't even know what a house is!

Maybe I should pretend that I don't know the new things so I don't have to move again? The people said not to worry - that no one had asked for me yet, but someday, somebody wonderful was going to find me and then I could finally start my life. This all sounds very exciting but scary. Who are the new people? Are they looking for me now? Will there be a special bush at the new place to pee on and food to eat? It's almost more than I can think about, so I'm going to go take a nap.


  1. Oh my friend Chunk! You're almost ready! Don't worry. If you're lucky, there will be many, many bushes for you (and special people too).

  2. Oh, sweet boy! Believe me, there are people thinking about you all over. You're going to be a superstar at being "a real dog!" And Nice Lady wouldn't let you go somewhere where there wasn't a special bush for you to call your own. No worries, buddy. It's gonna turn out just fine.

  3. Donna,

    I still want this dog. Bad.