Wednesday, November 17, 2010

itchy itchy itchy

One of my favorite things to do is scratch my belly. Foster lady was impressed and took a movie of me when I was busy doing this. It feels so good. The people here tell me to stop, stop, STOP ... and I try - really I do.

I heard them say that I'm about to get "the treatment" because of the itch. They said I'm in 're-cov-er-y' from the place where I lived in the dirt. Today I got special wipes and a new friend rubbed cream on me that made my belly feel cold and quiet. I slept good after that. I heard that I'm going to get special food too. Special food!

I better keep itching since it makes everybody run around and try to fix me. I love that. Almost as much as I like itching.


  1. I love how you sit and itch like a person! It sounds like everyone is trying to help you get better quickly.

  2. Ooh, hello Chunk, you must have met my pit Sal, who loves scratching his belly just like you.
    Tell me what kind of special food will you get and what cream and wipes are you using?
    Irina and Sal

  3. OMG he is the cutest!

  4. Hi Irena
    Chunk will be getting switched to a raw meat/bones diet and his belly is getting rubbed with calendula cream. Just like a weedle baby! ;-)

  5. Oh. My. God. I am in LOVE WITH THIS DOG! He's the absolute cutest thing in the world!

  6. Donna: how old is Chunk?!! My roommate and I are beyond enamored by this itchy little monster!