Sunday, November 14, 2010

I get to stay at the barn!

My friend from O-hi-o named Robin got to do something called 'grad-u-ate' to a place called a foster home today. Everyone seemed really excited about that, although I'm not sure why since it means he has to leave the barn and all his friends here. Good bye Robin.

My good news is that I didn't have to graduate! I get to stay in the barn!

I have important work to do here. The nice people smile at me a lot and say I need some "so-cial-iz-a-tion" with other dogs. I think that means I'm not supposed to play humpty-dump with the other dogs. I loooooove playing that game and used to do it all the time in O-hi-o.

But the people say we don't do that in California, and I have to learn new games. So my new friend is this big tall furry dog named Elliot. He's very kind and is showing me how to play with different rules. He's teaching me about "chase" games and "wrestle" games. When I forget and try to play Humpty Dump, my people remind me and we start over. In the beginning, we used to start over a LOT. I hope I can get this figured out so I can make everyone proud.

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  1. I adore Chunk! So happy to see he has a blog to follow more of his photos and adventures. :)