Thursday, March 17, 2011

teaching eva peace

Eva is usually the one that teaches me things, like how to sit and wait politely for food, and how to be brave when loud trucks go by when we're on a walk.

But sometimes, I get to teach Eva things that I'm good at. I try to teach her how to smile with her happy teeth in the mornings, and how to find the best sunbathing spots in the backyard. The most important thing I'm teaching Eva right now is how to be calm and happy in her kennel.

Eva is calm and happy all of the rest of the time, but she does not like kennel time when the people leave us home alone. When it's kennel time, Eva complains by snorting and making little drool bubbles. I think that's silly. I love to be in my kennel. It's got three soft and warm blankets, a water bucket, chew bones and a peanut butter kong. It's even right in the living room, so I can see all of the action and look out the big window. My kennel so much better than the little barrel where I used to live. And Eva has an extra big kennel to make her feel even better, so I can't figure out what all the fuss is about.

The lady and the mister tell me that my special job is to tell Eva Peace that she can be calm in her kennel, since that's one of the things I'm best at. So my kennel gets to be right next to hers in the front room, and when the lady and the mister go out, I lay down and show Eva just how easy it is to be happy and quiet.

And I must be a pretty good teacher, because since I've been teaching Eva the happy-and-quiet game, she doesn't snort and make drool bubbles much any more. In fact, she'll lay right down and chew her chewies and lick her peanut butter kong until the people come back home. I think that proves I'm pretty good at teaching Eva Peace things.

Sometimes when Lady and Mister are home, we even go and hang out in Eva's big kennel and chew chewies together. There's room for two in there, and we fit great. I like to think this is teaching Eva how fun and comfortable kennels can be.

Here's proof: