Monday, January 31, 2011

my exciting visit to auntie shannon's!

Here are me and Eva on the big bed

Today is the most exciting day. New Mister and New Lady both had to go to work for a long time; too long for Eva Peace and me to stay home alone.

So we got to go to our Auntie Shannon's house! She's come to see me at the House of Eva before, and sometimes Eva gets to go over to her house for special play dates, so I was really excited to go and see it for myself.
Auntie Shannon has four dogs that live at her house, so there are so many nice smells and treats and beds here. The best part is, she even lets us get up on the big bed. We have one at home, but it's for people only, so I've never been up on a big bed before. I hopped right up on this one to check it out. It's soft and squishy and kind of like the couch I get to sleep on. I've decided I love getting up on the big bed!

My new, fancy shirt
I got so excited to be at Auntie Shannon's house that I forgot to ask to go outside and I piddled in the house. But it wasn't on a soft place, so she cleaned it up quick and was real nice about it. She even had to put a new shirt on me, since I got a little piddle on the shirt I was wearing. And guess what? Look at the fantastic new shirt I got to wear! It's not plain white or blue like the ones I usually have. I think I'll suggest to New Mister and New Lady that we get me some fancy shirts like this one to wear around the house.

Along with her other four dogs, Auntie Shannon has this strange kind of dog at her house. It has no fur and makes funny noises. It even walks on its back legs instead of all its legs like Eva Peace and I do. It kind of looks like a
Eva and me napping on the big bed by Jackson
 person, but it's much smaller than any person I've ever seen before. I'm not scared of it, though. It seems harmless, and it's much quieter than a garbage truck, which is really the only thing I'm afraid of. 

Its name is Jackson. Eva told me that sometimes it feeds her cookies, so I've decided to hang out close to it and hope that it gives me some cookies, too!

I'm having a great day at Auntie Shannon's house. It's still early though, so I've got a lot of exploring and napping to get to!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

car ride!

Wowee, do Eva Peace and I like riding in the car!

The new smells coming in and the new places flashing past the windows make us all crazy-like. We snort and smile and sniff and sometimes we even get to show off our happy-teeth to the nice ladies at the coffee shop drive-through.

Friday, January 21, 2011

getting comforta-bull

Eva and I have the same favorite place on the couch. It's the corner at the far end. It's extra cushy and warm, and it has an arm rest to lean against and put our heads on, so we race to see who gets it.

Eva usually wins.

But that's not a problem. I'm a little guy and I can make myself fit just about anywhere.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i like to chew

and chew...

and chew...

and chew...

and chew...

and chew...

and chew!

Friday, January 14, 2011

missing you

Dear Chunk

Missing you in Oakland, man. Remember when you used to share the dog bed with me and the people would get those crazy smiles on their faces and grab that camera again? Yeah, we felt a little exploited, but looking back, I really liked those times.

The new square head that's living in your kennel now moves around real fast and he doesn't dig the dog bed scene like you used to. The people said I'm not allowed to play with him too much because we get too excited. Shucks. That ain't right.

You and me - we were tight. Sure, you tried to hump me a lot but I knew it was just your way of saying hello.

I hope you're having fun with Eva. She's one cool tomato and you're real lucky to know her. Tell her I said, "Woo Woo!"

Yep. Thinking of you, little buddy. Sigh.