Saturday, November 27, 2010

my first visit .. INSIDE the HOUSE!

For something called 'thanks-giving' the Nice People said I could come inside the thing called the house to see where Elliot lived. WOW!

It was amazing! I followed Elliot everywhere and he showed me what houses were like.

<----- it was like THIS.

Every place in the house had soft places to sit and walk.

I got so excited for a minute that I forgot all about my favorite bush and peed, but Nice Mister said it was a good thing I peed on the hard floor rather than the soft places. I guess that was good.

Miss Sally was in the house place, too. WOW! She came over to see me and I had to stand very still and concentrate REAL hard..."Do not hump Miss Sally ... Do not hump Miss Sally ... Do NOT hump Miss Sally."

This part was extra good ... There's a big cold box-thing in the house that's full of food. FOOD!

Nice Mister opened it and it smelled like a hundred good things to eat. I wanted to spend more time looking inside, but I wasn't supposed to. I spent a lot of time waiting by the box because every now and then, the people would open it again and I'd get to have another look inside.

The people talked about me a lot when I was in the house. They said that they've never seen me smile so much. They said I was going to make a "perfect little house dog" for somebody.

I'll try my best to learn what I need to do to be a house dog because it's the very best place I've ever been in my whole life!


  1. Chunk, you are the cutest little guy ever!

  2. Hi there, Chunk! There is a big cold box full of food here at the foster house too. I sure do enjoy looking inside that box, just like you. They must have cold food boxes inside all houses. How wonderful!
    see you soon,

  3. Glad to see you smiling, Chuck. You have to cutest face. Good luck on learning how to be a house dog!

  4. Chunk - You are the cutest little boy! I have to admit, I'm usually partial to the girl dogs, but you have my heart. I'm glad you're getting to see what it's like inside the house.