Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a farewell to tee shirts

My itchies have been getting better and better, and I haven't had to wear my tee shirts in months. So the Lady and the Man decided it was time to clean out my closet. The Lady thought it would be a good photo op, so we pulled all of the shirts out and put them in a big pile in the back yard.

 How did my skin get better?

Mostly through a lot of lotions, potions, special baths, extra good food and time. When I first moved to California, my skin was a real mess from when I lived in the Sad Place.

Bad Rap started me getting better, and when I came to live at the House of Eva, my skin kept getting happier.

But I was still crazy with itchies sometimes. So I went to see some more doctors who looked at my skin all over, especially on my tummy, toes and armpits where the itchies were the worst. They poked and swabbed, scraped and looked closely, but there were no mites or creepy-crawlies. Just some yeasties and lots of irritated skin.

They gave me more lotions and sprays, and said I should get special baths to keep fungus and yeast from growing on my skin. I also got some special pills to keep fleas far away from me while my skin was healing and extra sensitive. And I got to pick out some special food that doesn't have any wheat or grain or corn that might make me even more itchy.

Sometimes the grasses and pollens in the air make me a little bit red and scratchy. So I get an allergy pill in my food and the Lady and the Man wipe my skin off with baby wipes and spray a special spray on my really itchy spots.

Now that my skin is better, my man boobs have shrunk back to a respectable size and though sometimes I have to kick a little itch here or there, I don't have to itch, itch, itch anymore.

At first, I kind of missed the warmness of my tee shirts. But my hair is growing in thicker and shinier, so it keeps me warm all on its own. Besides, even though I probably won't have to wear tee shirts ever again, winter is just around the corner and I know my fancy sweater is just waiting in the closet for me.

And maybe I'll have better luck getting more smooches from Eva when I'm all dressed up and ready to go out on the town.

Here I am thinking about making a move.

Here's Eva Peace ignoring my advances.


  1. Chunkers!!! boy oh boy have I missed you. I am SO happy to hear your itchies are better, though I will miss seeing how cute you look in your t-shirts. how Eva manages to resist you is a mystery to me!


  2. Look at you, running around nude with nary a man-boob swinging! You wore your shirts well, but I'm very happy that you've been freed from yeastie-beasties and other itchies. I'm glad to hear that you're growing lots of healthy fur and if you get any cuter, everyone, with perhaps the exception of Eva, will simply explode. Love you!

  3. congratulations - and you look very handsome!

  4. Congratulations Chunk, and his mom and dad!

  5. Chunk! I am so glad you are feeling better and you don't need your tee shirts anymore. You are so so handsome!

  6. so happy your skin is better! our pup had to wear a t-shirt for awhile but her fur is now 3 inches long, maybe you could take an inch or two for the winter. :-)

  7. you've come a long way, baby! I think I might miss your man boobs just a little bit though. :-)