Friday, September 30, 2011

my big, funny slumber party

Usually at night I get to sleep on a big, poofy bed in Eva's extra-big kennel. This is because I like to scoot around the living room on my little behind (it feels sooo good!) while Eva Peace, the cats and the Lady and the Man are sleeping.

But for some reason the Lady and the Man don't think this is the best use of my time. They say it's gross and then they get out the carpet shampooer and make loud noises with it all over the floor for a very long time.

I love sleeping on my big bed in my big kennel, so it's pretty ok with me.

But sometimes I get to share Eva's bed in the people's room. This is a special treat and I think it's so very fun. It's like a big, funny slumber party. 

When I get to sleep there, I smile with my happy teeth and sneeze my excited sneezes and get all frisky. Sometimes I even forget I'm not supposed to try to hump. But then we all settle down and the lights go off and it's time to sleep.

This is what I look like when I'm supposed to be sleeping in Eva's bed but get too excited to actually sleep.

The people say they sometimes have a hard time sleeping when I get to share Eva's big bed. Probably because I'm so cute they can't stop poking at me and taking pictures. So none of us gets the best night of sleep. But we all seem to think it's worth it.

I usually steal Eva's blanket, but she doesn't seem to mind. I do it on purpose because then she has to cuddle up closer.


  1. I'm glad you have so much fun--if not a lot of sleep--when you get to have a slumber party with your people and Eva. Are your anal glands alright, though? I assume your people know this is the reason why most dogs drag their butts, but just want to make sure. My dog (who also loves a slumber party) can't properly express hers on her own, which means every four months she's gotta go to the vet for a butt squeeze. I hope you're not suffering from excess pressure in the rear and are just having a laugh when you scoot. Anyway, sweet dreams wherever night finds you!

  2. Thanks, Colleen. My glands are ok. My people have checked. But it seems that I just like to scooter around on carpeting when no one is watching. It scratches all the good spots I can't quite reach on my own. I just get a kick out of scooting around and around and around in circles...

  3. I'm glad to hear you're good in the gland area! I suppose you got yourself trained up in all kinds of ways to scratch where it itches during the itchy days. I wouldn't want it on my carpet either, but I have to say, the idea of cute little you scooting around and around in circles is adorably disgusting.

  4. Hey Chunks - this is Bouncer. I like to do this too sometimes. If you can find a pile of clothes on the floor (there's one in my house by the lau-ndry), you should scooter there. It feels so much better than the carpet because there are folds and mountains and parts that scrunch on their own all in just one place. Perfect for those oh-so-hard-to-reach arearas.