Friday, February 4, 2011

warm and wooly

Even though there's no ice and snow here in Cal-i-for-nia like there was in the Sad Place, I can still get cold sometimes when I go outside.

So New Mister and New Lady got Eva and me some warm clothes to wear. We get to put them on when they take us for long walks on rainy days and on cold mornings and nights when our breath makes fog in the air.
Eva and I modeling our new winterwear

Eva has a shiny brown jacket that matches her eyes and I get to wear a fancy-pants grey turtleneck. I think I am very handsome in my new sweater, and I wag my tail extra hard when I'm wearing it. Sometimes I get so happy, I even do my special little tap dance and show my happy-teeth.

The people show their happy-teeth when I wear it, too. New Mister says my sweater makes me look like a professor, and New Lady coos and giggles and follows me around the house with the camera when I've got it on.

Here I am smiling about how much I love my new sweater

Eva likes her jacket, too. She gets so frisky when New Mister and New Lady put it on her that sometimes she forgets she's not supposed to remind me how to play humpty-dump, and she chases me around the living room for fun. Sometimes I let her catch me, mostly because I know I'm so cute in my sweater that she'll lick my ears even though our people won't let her humpty-dump.

Me and Eva check each other's outfits before we go for a walk

Even though I usually get to wear tee-shirts around the house because I like to scratch my tummy a lot, wearing my sweater makes me feel different. Maybe that's because tee-shirts are every-day wear while my sweater is for fancy outings. And oh, boy, do I like going places!

Me taking time for a close-up while Eva gets bored waiting



  1. I look quite dashing in your sweater, and I think it's the perfect color for you! I bet you get even more attention when people see you out and about in a sweater.

  2. I seriously cannot put into words just how adorable Chunk is in his new sweater (or frankly, even without it). the pics of him looking so little and so happy just make my day.

  3. Such a handsome little man! And Miss Eva is looking quite smart herself.

  4. Oh Chunk, you are so handsome. (Miss Eva you're no slouch, either!)

    New Mister and New Lady - are you going to keep Chunk forever?

  5. Chunkletons, I can't stand your cuteness. I have to look away. A turtleneck, OMG. Please let Miss Peace know she's looking quite fetching as well.

  6. Chunk, can I please give you kissies all over your face?

  7. Chunk, my dog wants to look like a professor, too! Where did your people find such a nice sweater?