Sunday, December 12, 2010

my first week in the new place

So much has happened since I left the barn-place and Elliot to go to the House of Eva ...

I've learned about weird looking animals named "cats," and that I shouldn't stare at them or they will spit at me. I learned about pet stores (yum), car rides (yay), garbage trucks (SCARY!), and a place called school, where I get to see all my buddies again. Here I am with New Mister, practicing something called "heel" at the school. It was hard to concentrate though because there was so much to smell in this place.

I got to go to a place called "work" with New Lady. It was full of so many people who seemed to want some love, so I gave away a lot of that. Someone said that they were going to "steal" me, so I'm not sure how safe it is to go there, but New Lady reassured me that we were okay.

I've been getting special baths for my itch, and every day my itch is less angry than the day before.

Best of all, Miss Eva lets me share her dog bed, INSIDE the house. Wow. It's my new favorite new place to be.


  1. Thanks for the update, Chunk! Glad you found a great home. Maybe that person meant they were going to steal kisses from you. I would.

  2. Chunk, Eva Peace can teach you a lot so listen to her. We have one of your daughters (?) in our shelter, and yesterday she got a pink card (an adoption application) so keep your toes crossed . She'll be the #2 Ohio dog out the door to a forever home.

  3. Hey Chunk! I'm curious what kind of special baths you get to soothe your itchies? I have a special girl at home named Lita and she gets the itchies too.... we don't think she's allergic to food (thank goodness!) but dust and other things which are kind of hard to avoid. Keep up the good work, Chunk!

  4. new places can always be hard!! seems like you are getting along very well tho. if you need a friend to talk to chat with motley at he loves meeting new pitty friends

  5. I am so glad you are having new and wonderful experiences. I am certain life will be great!

  6. O Chunk!! I love you. You make me smile everytime I sign in, I finally decided I am going to have to start following you! Not like a stalker but like a fan. :) You front teef did it for me! Merry Christmas to you, the new Mister and the nice Lady! I live in a really cold place like you used to. We like to call it the mitten state! If I still lived in Cal-i-for-n-i-a.. I may try and steal you too! shhh don't tell anyone though.. i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me!