Thursday, December 23, 2010

baking and waiting

Last night, New Lady and New Mister said they had to do some "holiday baking." I didn't know what that was, but I found out it pretty much means Eva Peace and I have to do a whole lot of waiting while the house gets to smelling so good that it makes me get all slobbery.

We didn't want to lay out on the couch when there was so much commotion and so many good smells going on in the kitchen, so Eva and I wandered around by New Lady and New Mister's feet. We tried every trick we know to get their attention: we sat and stared and did fancy dances and smiled and wagged and sniffed and licked our lips and snorted and wrestled and made drool droplets on the floor. But they didn't even give us a taste of the "holiday baking." Instead, New Lady brought in our bed from the living room and told Eva to teach me how to lay down and wait patiently.

Here are Eva and I waiting patiently. Sort of.

And here we are waiting some more.

And some more.

Finally, the "holiday baking" took so long we just gave up and took a nap.

I'm still not sure why anyone would want to do "holiday baking," since it seems like a lot of boring waiting and good-smell teasing, but at least our whole pack got to be together. And that's the thing I like best of all.


  1. Even though you couldn't get any of the cookies, it is nice that you all could be together. Have a good holiday!

  2. Chunk, you are the cutest boy! I love reading your posts! Kisses to you and your lovely sister!

  3. aww.. Chunk, your posts helps me get through the humdrum of the day. Merry Christmas to you, your family and all your loved ones! *pats your cute head*