Wednesday, July 20, 2011

green thumbs

Behind the house is my yard where I lay in the sun and chew bones and dance around with Eva Peace. But a few weeks ago, the Man and the Lady took us past the gate to the little yard on the side of the house. Flowers grow back there, and sometimes I go with the Lady or the Man to water them. This time, we brought some new plants with us to put in the dirt-filled boxes that Eva and I like to walk in.

Here I am helping hold the trowel.

Handing the trowel over to the Lady so she can dig a hole for the new tomatoes.

Chaperoning as the Man waters a new tomato plant.

Here I am making sure there's enough water to make tomatoes with.

Me, getting ready to watch my tomato plant grow.

No sir! That cage is not for me--I am not a tomato!

Getting hugs and pets now that the planting is done.

(PS: Don't worry about the funny thing on my ear in some of the pictures. I just had a hematomato growing on my ear that had to be fixed at the doctor's office. It's all better now!)


  1. Chunkers! in addition to being adorable, you are such a helpful little guy. I'm glad your ear is OK! :)

  2. so cute! and so helpful! Do you get an allowance for all your hard work? I'm pretty sure you do! Your ear looks great!

  3. No sir, you are not a tomato! But you look like a mighty fine trowel holder and tomato plant growth supervisor. Look out--you might just earn yourself a set of Greenies like Robin got if you can convince those tomatoes to grow well!

  4. Oh Chunk I just adore you! I work in a community garden with people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless and you are always welcome to come garden with us and help out.

  5. You're a great garden boy! Hope you're ear is feeling better!

  6. Hema-tomato! I LOVE it. Chunkins, you are so darn funny.

  7. Well you MUST have a green thumb seeing as how you've even managed to grow hematomatoes on your ears!

  8. OMG! I want Chunk! How about posing for Let me know if you're interested! I'd love to have you on our site & Facebook page!