Thursday, June 2, 2011

one hard-working boy

I'm a busy little guy with lots to do. Besides my regular everyday jobs of taking my people for walks, showing Eva Peace my happy teeth, watching for squirrels in the backyard, practicing not itching and eating up all my food like a good boy, I have four different jobs that I go to during the week.

On Mondays, I go to Auntie Shannon's with Eva and we play with our friend Jackson and see Auntie Shannon's dogs. I love going to Auntie Shannon's. I get to sit on the big bed, play on the deck in the sun and show off what a beefcake I am. On the mornings we go there, Eva and I get up early, go for a walk, eat breakfast and then we get in the Man's big truck and drive to Auntie Shannon's. She meets us at the door and is so excited to see us. She always makes a fuss over how sweet Eva is and how handsome I am. It makes me feel special.

Eva and I doing our important job of helping Jackson take a nap.

Here is Eva holding hands with Jackson.

Then there are the days I go to work with Lady at her office. Sometimes I go together with Eva Peace and sometimes I get to go all by myself. I get to sniff and explore, and there is a special blanket just for us so I know exactly where my place is when it's time to settle in. I like to sit and watch the Lady working, and the other people who work there come and talk to me and pet my head. Sometimes I even get cookies.

Here I am practicing my "give me cookies now, please" look.

Eva and I share the blanket and watch the Lady work.

Mister has his very own classroom, so sometimes I get to go and hang out with his students as another one of my jobs. Everyone thinks I am so cute and funny. At first, some of them didn't know what to think of me. And I didn't really have much experience with teenagers, so I didn't know what to think of them. They can be very loud and move fast. But the Mister told them how to come up to me quietly and let me sniff their hands so I could meet them, and once I was comfortable, I showed them that I have happy teeth and a soft head that likes to be petted. So now, everyone is excited to see me.

Here I am getting a cuddle at school from one of my new friends.

On some other weekdays, my job is to stay home and make sure that everything is safe and the cats are behaving themselves in the house. On these days, I get a special treat like a peanut butter Kong or a bully stick. Then I settle in on my big bed and chew and lick and listen to the radio until the Lady and Eva come home at lunch. Then we'll go out and play in the backyard and enjoy the sunshine. These days are nice and relaxing, and they give me a break from all the hard work that I do the rest of the days.

Here are Eva and I doing our very important job of chewing our chewies at home.


  1. oh Chunk, I have missed you and your happy teeth! your "give me cookies now, please" look seems very effective. I know I'd never be able to resist it!

  2. Seeing how busy you are makes me understand better why you might not have a lot of time to blog! I'm glad you're getting out and about so much and learning about the world and working multiple jobs and I would definitely give you cookies if you looked at me like that! However, if there's ever a day when you're at home and the cats are all behaving and you've finished your peanut butter and you're maybe at loose ends, drop us a line, okay?

  3. Chunk you are so cute, I missed your updates! You certainly are a hard working boy!!!!

  4. You are so luck to have so many fun outings! Love hearing your updates!

  5. Chunkles! You are such a hard worker! Are you getting so good at not itching after practicing so hard?

  6. Dear Chunk,
    I can't believe you found time to write this in between all of your important jobs. I just wanted to say that I am a tiny little black pibble with white feets too and I think you are very handsome.
    Sheena the Dog