Friday, April 1, 2011

our day in the country

Here are Eva Peace and I getting ready to go.
Eva Peace and I love to go for walks. It's fun to stretch our legs and smell things and meet new people, and I  love to leave proof that I've been everywhere by kicking up dirt and making piddle on every tree and bush  and clump of grass we walk by. We usually go for a walk in the morning, a walk in the afternoon when the people get home from work and a walk at night before we go to bed.

Us, still waiting. The people are always soooo slow.
But there are special times when we get to go for extra long walks in new and exciting places.

One day, we went to a big park where there were trees and rocks and grass and leaves. We spent  hours and hours walking and jumping and sniffing and digging and piddling on everything. It was great!

We sniffed and snorted and looked all around while the people got ready. I could hardly wait to get moving!
Here I am waiting for everyone else to catch up.
Along the trail, we met a few other people and dogs, but it was mostly just us. I got excited whenever I saw birds in the bushes, and there were places on the grass and rocks that I could tell other animals had been. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed, and I kicked up dirt and tinkled everywhere I could. I wanted to be sure anyone else around knew I'd been there first!

Eva and Mister jumped up on a big rock and posed for the camera. I was to shy to jump up that high, and I didn't want to be picked up, so I just stood on the ground and wagged and wagged while they were up there. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to go up high, too.

We spent all afternoon walking and exploring. I like my walks around our neighborhood, but this was extra great! I'd never been able to walk so far and smell so many good things all in one place before. We even got to run up some hills and down others. I smiled the whole time.

Here I am saying goodbye to the park

It was warm in the sun and we'd been working hard. Eva Peace and I were so thirsty when we got back to the car that we drank a whole bowl of water together. Then we napped on the backseat while we drove home.

Me and Eva in the car, dreaming about our next adventure.


  1. That does look like such a great walk; we try to vary our walks, but I wish we had more nature-type things around us. I love your big smile, it looks like you're having so much fun!

  2. Chunk you are the bestest! That nature walkies sure looks like a great time. I see you are still wearing your shirts, very handsome :)