Friday, January 14, 2011

missing you

Dear Chunk

Missing you in Oakland, man. Remember when you used to share the dog bed with me and the people would get those crazy smiles on their faces and grab that camera again? Yeah, we felt a little exploited, but looking back, I really liked those times.

The new square head that's living in your kennel now moves around real fast and he doesn't dig the dog bed scene like you used to. The people said I'm not allowed to play with him too much because we get too excited. Shucks. That ain't right.

You and me - we were tight. Sure, you tried to hump me a lot but I knew it was just your way of saying hello.

I hope you're having fun with Eva. She's one cool tomato and you're real lucky to know her. Tell her I said, "Woo Woo!"

Yep. Thinking of you, little buddy. Sigh.




  1. Elliott! You need to start your own blog. Or maybe you can guest blog for the BR Blog sometimes. You have quite the talent for writing. It's nice to hear that you and Mr. McChunkypants are still penpals.

  2. You are one funny-looking pibble. You kinda remind me of one of those crazy snow dogs that likes to be in the snow. Didn't you get the memo? Snow is COLD.